Make a Submission

The Employment Relations Amendment Bill is being considered by Parliament. Public submissions on the bill are due to close on the 30th March. Make sure you have your say!

We think this Bill focuses on strengthening ‘union rights’, therefore ignoring the 82% of workers who do not belong to a union.

It also deliberately seeks to diminish flexibility and negotiated solutions between employers and employees in the workplace.

We want to encourage every New Zealander to make a submission to the Education and Workforce Committee to recommend this bill does not proceed before submissions close.

The main provisions of the Bill include changes to:

  • 90 day trial periods
  • Rest and meal breaks
  • Employees transferring to replaced contractors
  • Concluding bargaining
  • Driving businesses into contracts across an industry
  • Forcing businesses to help unions recruit new members
  • Partial strikes on full-pay
  • Union access to workplaces whenever they want
  • Employers paying union members for doing union work
  • Unions initiating bargaining first
  • Collective agreements to include pay rates
  • Employees treated as if on a union collective for first 30 days

If you want to make a submission, we have created an easy template version for you, based on what matters to you, and we will ensure it is sent to the committee, made available to the MPs, and published by the select committee.


You can view what the full template version of the submission looks like here